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Eyeliner Tattoo
Eyeliners are customized to work with your features and personalty. Upper lid, upper lash line, inner rim of eye top or bottom and lower lash line in a range of colours, thick or fine. Effective numbing gel is used through out and a recommended follow up session 8 weeks later will achieve a 3-5 year result.

Brow Tattoo
I do a soft block brow that imitates the look of brow powder using different shades to suit skin tone. Lots of time is spent drawing brows that sit within your natural brow line while enhancing and lifting the eye area. Effective numbing gel is used through out and a follow up 8 weeks later is recommended for brows that last 1-4 years depending on colour choice.


Eyeliner - 2-2½ hours - $400-$550  
Brows - 2-2¼ hours - $500
Follow Up - 1-1½ hours - $200